Paul F. Showers, DDS, MS has done five root canals for me and two for my husband, Alfred Stroh, over the past decade.  There were no complications associated with any of these procedures, and all were as close to pain-free as a root canal can be.We found Dr. Showers to be consistently caring, pleasant, and professional.  I always considered that an upside to a root canal by Dr. Showers was the well-informed and perceptive literary conversations I had with him.  Delightful!

His office staff is well-trained, very kind, and congenial.

I can recommend Dr. Showers highly and without reservation.

-Carole S. Stroh


I have known Dr. Paul Showers for over 15 years, both socially and professionally. He has always been honest and straight forward with me and I highly respect his professionalism.

When I was in need of dental work, Paul guided me through what the process would be and performed my root canal surgery smoothly and effectively. He has provided advice and direction when I had questions regarding other dental issues, freely sharing his extensive knowledge.

I would highly recommend him to anyone requiring advanced dental work.-

-Clifford Miller, ASLA


Paul has also treated my wife, as well many close friends and associates who were in need of endodontic therapy in the most professional and caring manner.He is excellent treating children, and has worked with me many times dealing with difficult cases from which he does not shy away from.  His approach professionally is based upon sound standards of care and clinical prudence.

I have known Dr. Paul Showers for over 20 years both on a professional and personal basis. He has always demonstrated the highest standards of conduct and ethics.  As a pediatric dentist he has treated many of my patients as well as patients of the other pediatric dentists of our practice.  Many of these patients, we have worked together, who have sustained significant oral/dental trauma from which we have had excellent long term success over these twenty  years.

I have been practicing in the Lake County area for over 37 years working with many colleagues.  I am very fortunate to have Dr. Showers to work with professionally and have my patients (many who are second generation) be able to have treated by him.  I am equally fortunate to know Paul on a personal basis and have him as a friend.  He is an excellent dentist, great father, and asset to the community.”

I would recommend him without any reservation!

-Paul D. Herer, D.M.D, M.S.

Diplomate: American Board of Pediatric Dentistry


My name is Kimberly Kim.  I was referred to Dr. Showers as the best Endodontist in the area by Dr. John Lee, my dentist. I have had two root canals done by Dr. Showers.  The first one was a regular root canal.  He was very kind to fit me in last-minute, as I was in pain and it was at the end of the year.  I was able to start the healing process quickly.  I had never had a root canal before and didn’t know what to expect. But his staff and he were low-key ad calming.  I appreciated the little umbrella-like contraption he used so that it was easier to keep my mouth open and not a lot of stuff in my mouth. The 2nd root canal was a lot more complicated.  I went to Dr. Lee because my mouth was puffing up and in pain.  Dr. Lee took an x-ray and confirmed that I had an infected tooth and it should probably be removed.  He didn’t share much optimism that my lower molar could be saved, but he called Dr. Showers on my behalf to once again squeeze me in to see if there was anything that could be done.

Dr. Showers agreed that it looked bleak, but he wanted to try to save/restore the tooth.  It was a longer procedure than normal, as the Dr. had to be very patient and precise.  But it resulted in saving my tooth and it looks totally restored and normal! I’m very grateful to Dr. Showers for his patient, precise and effective procedures.  I’m also grateful for his “can-do” attitude, rather than a “quick-fix” mentality.  I also appreciate the low-key, calming and professional attitude and behavior of all the staff and Dr. Showers.

If one has to have a root canal, this is the office to go to.  I know now from experience that my problem will be solved and I will ultimately feel better.  I’m grateful to Dr. Lee for referring me to Dr. Showers.

-Kimberly J. Kim

Just a note to tell people about the experience I had with Dr. Paul Showers.


I had great fear about having a root canal, it got to the point of not having it and live with thepain. But I decided to go and bite the bullet. Dr. Showers put me at ease and it happened. I had No Pain, I had No Swelling, I had No Bruising it was wonderful!I highly recommend this Dr. Showers if you ever need a root canal. I always speak my peace when something goes GREAT.

Thanking You,

-Karen Kay Lavris


Being a “fearful” dental patient, I was full of trepidation when informed that a dreaded root canal was necessary.  Dr. Showers’ calm and professional demeanor helped assuage my worries right away.  I just knew I was in good hands.  His follow-up care and sensitivity convinced me that I was more than just another patient.  Most of all, Dr. Showers’ helped me overcome my “fearful” attitude.  I cannot recommend Dr. Showers’ highly enough.

-Dave Cafmeyer


“We have had an excellent experience with Dr. Showers.  My daughter suffered severe trauma to her front tooth at a young age, damaging the root.  On the recommendation of our dentist, I took her to Dr. Showers, who has nurtured the tooth along as she has grown, preserving its viability.  We have found Dr. Showers to be highly professional, patient, and personable, and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of endodontic care.”







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